Our History

Our Mission is to create a viable and functional socio-welfare organisation and Network that will stand the test of time as we support Nigerians in the UK.


Our vision is to establish a culture of learning, care and a cohesive Community that will trigger an improvement among Nigerians and improve our image and opportunities here in the UK.



The National Association of Nigerian Communities (NANC) is an organisation that has been in existence since the 1970s.

We started as a students union and when our pioneers ceased to be students, the union then metamorphosed into a welfare association called the NNU.


The name NNU was changed to NANC in July 2004 due to a need to be in tune with modern voluntary organisation operating philosophy.


Like any other organisation, NANC has had its ups and downs, but it has stood up to its challenges over time, achieving some notable milestones for Nigerians.

NANC presently exists as a full welfare organisation, supporting the socio-cultural and education needs of Nigerians and Africans living in the UK.


Why a National Association?

One of our prime objectives at NANC is to foster closer working relationships with our host country and also with the Nigeria High Commission. Therefore, WORKING TOGETHER AS AN ASSOCIATION, we can advocate and support the welfare needs of Nigerians even as we collectively develop our members and communities.

With all the Nigerian communities in the UK working together under one umbrella; NANC, our opportunities and success are endless.



How does the NANC Operate?

All branches of the NANC have varying but similar operating policies, all of which are geared towards meeting the welfare and education needs of Nigerians and other Africans living in the UK.


Our activities are designed to improve and promote Nigeria and Africa.

NANC hopes to raise our standards and profile by organizing activities designed to challenge our poor image, improve standards and raise awareness


Social Events and Networking

These are great opportunities to meet other Nigerians in various fields, liaise with other Nigerian organisations, encouraging diversification and building strong relationships.


Through conferences, symposia, talk shows, mini-breakfast events and coffee mornings, we design forums for discussion and a means of social interaction, promoting Nigeria's image, sharing opinions, empowering our people and improving lifestyles.


Through events and networkings, we build a stronger working relationship with the Nigerian High Commission, with a view to discussing matters of mutual interest, including consular matters and the welfare of Nigerians living in (or visiting) the UK.

Notable issues have been achieved in this respect recently through productive dialogue.


NANC-UK have also developed a strong relationship with the Nigerian owned Businesses here in the UK and other Businesses that have Nigerians as major Stakeholders. Through these relationships, we have been able to set up work placements and experiences for Nigerians in various field, we have been able to provide training and skills development for our associate communities and the Nigerian people here in the UK.