We at the National Association of Nigerian Communities (NANC) UK wish to thank God/Allah who has brought us into the new year 2016. Haapy new year

Thanks for the great work you have all been carrying out, both individually and collectively in your communities.


We appreciate you immensely for your support in 2015, a year of elections, which resulted in changes to the usual way that we conducted ourselves as Nigerians. It effectively had an indirect bearing on Nigerians in the United Kingdom. Together in 2015, different activities were carried out in our different communities successfully.


Your selfless work in our different communities, such as holding seminars on different issues (i.e. immigration, social services, care of the elderly and health), have created a huge awareness in our communities. We are still remembering and praying for the Chibok girls and our gallant soldiers fighting the insulgents.


Social gathering is another key area where our different groups have brought out the best - in our different tasteful dishes and rich culture at large. Additionally, the different sporting activities held have acted as a source of improving our health and bringing our youths together.


The CEC of NANC have been active with our quarterly meetings. As you all know, CEC is the policy making body of our organisation that meets quarterly.

NANC held her second annual get together party in Bedford with a huge success. We are grateful to the Chair , executives and members of our community in Bedford who made it an unforgettable evening.


Our Patrons are the conscience and custodians of our organisation.They have supported the organisation by never failing to attend the quarterly meetings of the CEC of NANC which shows their passion and dedication to the course and ethos of NANC..



This year 2016, it is essential that we are able to continue in the spirit of oneness and hold at least two activities together.


May God/Allah bless you, your loved ones and our entire membership.

"In Unity we bargain, divided we beg".


The Nigerian High Commissioner

Yet to be appointed.

Our vision is to establish a culture of learning, care and a cohesive Community that will encourage the improvement ofNigerians in the UK. NANC projects are focused on ......

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Dear Compatriots,


Compliments of the season to you, family and the entire membership of our communities throughout the country.


I felt that I should write you at this time, when I believe everybody, including our children, would have returned back to our professional and educational lives.


I wish on behalf of the National Association of Nigerian Communities(NANC)UK, to thank and express my gratitude to all for the selfless community work you have all carried out during the past year. I pray that God will continue to give us wisdom and good health to deliver more charity services in our communities this year 2016.


NANC is the only welfare organisation in the UK formed by the community for the interest of all Nigerians in the community.

Therefore, our charity work is unique and different from others.


Last year, NANC was invited to Wakefield, so as to bring stability into the membership of the community. I attended with Chief Nworgu on a Sunday morning. As a result of our visit, Wakefield community chose new executives and I can confirm to you that the community is performing well.


I was invited to Leeds last year where I participated in their charity Gala evening. I really enjoyed myself. It was also an opportunity for me to reunite with their past chairmen, whom I have worked with in various capacities.

We were also at Bedford and Aylesbury to support their community activities


During last year as well, NANC supported our members on various issues which are private and confidential.


NANC was not left behind at the send forth celebration of the past High Commissioner Dr Tafida as some of our members from Patrons to members voluntarily contributed to the send forth donation on behalf of NANC.

The appreciation of NANC to Patron George Nworgu whose dedication to the cause of NANC is second to none, be it emergency meetings, travelling to settle disputes in our communities or social gatherings, he has never failed to come along with me using his own resources.

My predecessor Patron Frank Amadedon (OBE) was the first to contribute to the purse for the send forth as well as his physical presence at the Aylesbury end of

year get together. We are grateful for your continued support Sir.

Patron C. Biriyok contributed hugely for the send forth fund with NANC's appreciation for your unconditional loyalty to the cause of NANC. He has kindly visited our communities where applicable.

Dr Pamela A Bernard prepared the gift on behalf NANC and thankfully donated to the purse. Dr Toye Ajeigbe donated into the purse with thanks.

National Treasurer Mr Ernest Enmerukini donated; Mr Seyi Obadare and my good self donated in order to give the high commissioner a befitting fare well.

I also wish to recognize the efforts of both Patrons Alhadji Hamzat Adesanu and Chief Alex Etim for their support.

Whatever was collected was used for the purpose it was meant for.

All the activities above were carried out through working together with our members under the umbrella of NANC.


The Central Executive Committee(CEC) of NANC which is the highest body of our organisation apart from Congress is supposed to be held quarterly,but we only met twice last year due to circumstances beyond our control.

Nevertheless, we held the first meeting of (CEC) of NANC at Bradford with thanks to my Deputy and community Chair Apostle Chris Okunpolor, his executives and the entire community members who received us warmly.

The second and the last for the year 2015 CEC meeting/ End of year was held in Bedford.

What a memorable day it was in Bedfordshire. The CEC meeting was well attended with all issues carefully discussed.

There after, we had the annual end of year party which was arranged by and paid for by Bedford alone.

What a wonderful achievement it was for the second year, that we were able to come together to celebrate the end of year in style and unity!!!!!

Kudos to our amiable Chair person of Bedford Dr Pemela Ayewah Bernard, the National social secretary Mr Tawede, the executives and members of our community in Bedford, for having made the day unforgettable in memory.

In a nutshell, we had an enjoyable positive end to the year 2015.


This year, NICOT will be hosting our next CEC meeting as we eagerly await Dr Ugo Chinwuba to propose a suitable date for the next CEC meeting.


As you are aware, NANC is an independent organisation with no attachment to any organisation. We carry out our work complimenting the work of others carrying out similar charity work. Thus, we are always willing to work with other organisations that shares our ethos.


Please check our website and lets know where we can improve .

The website is


Best wishes for the new year 2016.


Best regards,


Sir Martin Bakare




'In unity we bargain, divided we beg'.



Our gathering here today, as organised by the National association of Nigerian Communities is to above all acknowledge the beginning of our existence as a united country, a journey that lead to our independence and subsequently became a federal constitutional republic.

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